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Teeth Whitening

The best way to quickly improve the appearance of your teeth is often to whiten them. When done properly through the dentist this is a harmless process, that can very effectively transform your smile and improve your confidence.

DayWhite & NiteWhite

The most effective way to whiten your teeth is at home using our custom made whitening trays. You simply apply a little whitening gel to the inside of the tray and pop it in. Philips Zoom® DayWhite gel works for half an hour, and NiteWhite gel works overnight, or for two hours. This is repeated daily for 10-14 days. If you leave it if for longer than the time for that gel, such as overnight, this won’t do you any harm. Both gels cost the same, but NiteWhite is slightly more powerful than DayWhite, so if you can wear your trays for 2 hours or more a day, then this is for you. DayWhite gets to work faster than NiteWhite, so if you’d rather fit a half hour session into your busy day then go for this one. You can always change gels in the future without getting new trays. After the initial 10-14 day whitening period you're beautiful bright teeth will need to be kept that way. This usually means repeating one half or 2 hour session about once a fortnight.

Why We Only Use Philips Zoom

There are a multitude of systems out there for teeth whitening; and there are new brands popping up and disappearing all the time. Unlike the majority of types, Zoom gel comes in a double syringe that mixes the gel with an activator as it goes into the tray. This means it’s at its most effective right when you use it, and that its shelf life if much longer. ther gels can actually start to work in the factory when they are made, and must be kept in the fridge to slow them down, so that all their whitening power is not spent before they even get to you. This means they get less and less effective the longer they take to reach you, and if they haven’t been continuously refrigerated right up that point then they may not work at all.

In-Clinic Whitening

Whiter teeth in an hour. Just as effective as the take-home whitening kits but a whole lot quicker is Zoom In-clinic whitening. Gel is applied to your teeth by trained whitening clinicians in the dental clinic and then treated with the Zoom light.

Whitening Costs

A Take-home whitening kit costs £249 for upper and lower teeth, or just £149 for just one arch, including custom trays and gels of your choice. Top-up tubes are £30 each, or £150 for six.

Please note that if you are currently undergoing Clear Positioner orthodontics or you have an Essix® removable retainer you wear at night [link] then you can use these in place of the custom trays. This means whitening for only £30!

In-clinic whitening costs £499 and includes upper and lower custom trays plus DayWhite or NiteWhite gel for maintenance afterwards. The trays are made whilst you are having the Zoom treatment, so you are ready to go straight away. This way is really good if you need a result quickly such as before a holiday or special occasion.

Saturday Appointments
By popular demand, the practice is now offering appointments during the week from 7am, as well as on Saturdays. We like to make life easier for patients with their busy lifestyle.
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